Conversation Science
Conservation of Cultural Property

Over the years, NRLC has developed expertise in the conservation of wall paintings, various types of museum objects and archival material, etc., and has provided conservation services to several institutions of the country in a big way. NRLC also carried out the conservation of the most important monument of the Maldives, a mosque made of coral stone with beautiful ceiling and pillars of painted wood. The NRLC is being developed as a centre of excellence in the field of conservation of cultural property.


Area of Expertise

NRLC is leader in the field of conservation and has various areas of expertise.

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Major Conservation Projects Undertaken
Bronze sculptures of the Tanjore Art Gallery, Thanjavur Stone sculptures of the Government Museum, Mathura Wall paintings of Orchha Palace, Sinon Monastery, St. Monica Church, Goa Thankas of Tawang Moastery and others Oil paintings of State Museum, Lucknow and others Wooden Bhuta images of the Crafts Museum, Delhi Hukuru Mosque of Male, Republic of Maldives.