Research in Conversation

The broad areas of research being pursued at NRLC are:

1. Development and standardisation of methods of conservation.
2. Diagnostic investigations into the mechanism and extent of deterioration.
3. Study of materials of cultural property.
4. Evaluation of traditional methods.


Current Programmes
1. Evaluation of traditional materials.
2. Conservation of high lead bronzes and lead objects.
3. Use of homeopathic drugs in the control of bio-deterioration.
4. Evaluation of the effect of biocides on stone.
5. Conservation of palm-leaf manuscripts.
6. Conservation and technical studies of bronzes.
7. Evolution of chemical cleaning on metal threads of brocaded textiles.
8. Studies of bio-deterioration problems in museums and monuments of India.

Diagnostic Investigations Carried Out
Studies on problems of deterioration of the Taj Mahal
Studies on bio-deterioration problems of the Ajanta Wall Paintings
Studies on the problems of deterioration of the Hukuru Mosque, Male, Maldives
Studies on the conservation problems of the Mathura sandstone objects.

Processes Developed

Study of Material of Cultural Property