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The NRLC library has about 12000 books on conservation and allied subjects, and subscribes to many journals published in the field of conservation. Lists of yearly acquisitions and abstracts of conservation literature are prepared yearly for users.

1. Technical notes
2. Annotated Bibliographies on Conservation
3. Manuals for Conservators

Technical Notes
1. Field conservation of archaeological objects.
2. Control of bio-deterioration in museums.
3. Conservation of waterlogged wood.
4. A guide to the preventive conservation of museum material.
5. X-ray microanalysis using SEM in conservation research.
6. A simple method for the treatment of 'Bronze Disease'.
7. Removal of calcareous deposits from copper objects.
8. X-ray fluorescence and diffraction techniques in conservation of art objects.
9. Differential Lighting.
10. New methods for conservation of high leaded bronzes.
11. Prevention of corrosion of lead objects.

Bibliographies on Conservation
1· Display in museums 1983
2· Wood 1987 Wall paintings 1988
3· Techniques of preservation 1989
4· General 1993
5· Ethnological objects 1994
6· Miniature paintings 1995
7· Textiles 1998
8· Leather,2000
9· Storage of collections,2004.
10· Light (Effect of light on museums object),2005.

Manuals for Conservators
Manual for Wall paintings
Preventive conservation of Museum Materials
Biodeterioration of Cultural Property