The Mission & Objectives
Conservation Research In India
The National Research Laboratory For Conservation Of Cultural Property (NRLC) is a scientific institution of the Ministry Of Culture, Government Of India, dedicated to the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. The NRLC was established in 1976. To achieve the end, NRLC carries out research in materials and methods of Conservation, disseminates Knowledge in Conservation, imparts training in curative Conservation and develops, and Implements programs in the field of preventive Conservation. NRLC also provides Conservation services on a selective basis.

The NRLC has developed and standardized a good number of methods for the Conservation of different types of objects and for the analytical study of Cultural Property. The NRLC has treated thousands of objects of different types including several Wall Paintings and one Coral Monument of Male, Maldives. NRLC has conducted several workshops on preventive Conservation and Training Programs in curative Conservation for candidates from South & South-East Asia. One Mural Painting Conservation Course of ICCROM was also conducted at NRLC. In its formative stages, the NRLC was developed with Monetary and Technical Assistance from the UNDP and UNESCO, and now it is an associate member of the Rome based International Centre for the study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM). The aims and objectives of the laboratory were defined as follows:
  • research for the development of better methods of Conservation.
  • Technical studies of Art and Archaeological Materials.
  • Technical Assistance to Museums, Archaeological Departments and other Institutions.
  • Training, Documentation, Publications, International Liaison, Etc.